Seen On FM-Style: Last Christmas

The first task of Cycle 13 in FM-Style has come to an end, and so has Christmas. Our lovely 15 contestants introduced themselves through fashion and style sharing an outfit related somehow to the Christmas holidays.

You can already feel the tension and talent, cause... what a first task! So many contestants delivered really strong tasks! And we have many new faces which is going to make this cycle super exciting!

The ones that surprised me the most, though, were: Alicja (alusiak123) and Letícia (leiona_-).
I wasn't expecting anything similar to Alicja's outfit and yet you can still feel the Christmas vibe! Plus the outfit is unbelievably great. Everything matches perfectly and it's so fresh and original.

Letícia's outfit was more on the line of the kind of outfits I was expecting for this task but still left me in awe. She has incorporated a lot of Christmas elements (red, green, big fur coat, wool jumper...) and still it looks so fashionable and not too literal.

These two outfits weren't just my favourites, they were liked between the rest of the judges as well cause they got 1st and 2nd place respectively.

And my other two favourites were: Elena (ElenaGao2) and Navi (vousme).
I love the young and good vibe of Elena's outfit and I love even more how she equilibrated all that red and green with little black and white details. The Gucci socks and those shoes were the perfect ending touch for this outfit. And another thing I appreciate a lot when it comes to judging an outfit is when a contestant makes what I used to consider an ugly item, look cool. This is exactly what Elena did with that jacket.

Navi conquered my heart with the denim Tommy Hilfiger overall and matching a Christmas ugly sweater with all that casualness, looks effortlessly amazing.

As I have already said, though, it was a really good first task and lots more of contestants got high marks. I personally enjoyed the combination of the RGB primary colours Stefan (Sweet_gal11) did, the red suit of Andrea (Andre1396), the different approach that Rose (Glittergirl208) took connecting with snow, the Giraffe Santa sweater of Monika (the_chuba), the trendiness of Drew's (modmayhem) outfit...

You can already see how satisfied I am with the start of the cycle, keep up the good work guys!

We will see everyone again on next task, except for Myrthe (bueno-koekje_xx) whose outfit wasn't Christmassy enough and got her eliminated.

Until our next furry encounter! 

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